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The Butcher Shop

We strive to keep the shop clean at all times including while butching to keep from cross contamination. The shop is continually cleaned during day and washed and santitized from floor to ceiling at the end of each day! 

The Goat and Lamb Side

A pic of the Walk-In Cooler with new roof being finished. We can hang your meat upon request of the customer if ordered in advance to tenderize and make more flavorful. This is also where the Wild Game is stored during season. Meat can be hung from 3-7 days, this also takes gaminess out of meat.

The Poultry Side


The Cow Area

The Picture on the left is where we bring the cows for slaughter. The picture on the right is behind the cattle chute where we are currently butcher the cows,  this also serves as extra space for processing wild game!

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